Behold the

A true empire is an empire based upon those who are outcasted, exiled, those who are evil. Those who are facing the crimes of their pasts. They are the ones who smirk at the scent of death. We are those people. We are that empire. Bow down. Bow down to survive the glares and guts, the screams of those locked in insanity. Or suffer.

True Empire

A Leigon. A Leigon of power, terror, and everything inbetween. The Outcasted Empire is filled with the damned, the malicious, the ones who were shunned for being, "different". Fuck difference. We stand together. We, as a fucking empire, stand together! We will rule all. We will conquor, and we will rise. Our reign of terror will last centuries. We are our rivals worst nightmares and our allies greatest treasures. 

We are The Outcasted Empire.

Fear us.

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